Consigned to Death - Jane K. Cleland

I liked this, I think...
Josie was cool and looked like she would be great to work for. But beyond the workplace, I don't know if I could deal with all the crying. Luckily I wasn't alone regarding the crying based on feedback from others.
The story dragged in spots. *yawn*
With exception of Josie, Max and Chief Alvarez, I was suspicious of the rest of the characters. I really thought some of the staff were involved with the murder and theft. Even the well placed red herring with Sasha threw me for a fool.
Thank gawd Max was married. If not, I would have thought there was some sort of love Geometry a'brewing with him, Josie and Alvarez. Too bad. That means I have no math related issues to bitch about.
I'm not sure if I will read the rest of the series. Maybe Josie and her gang will grow on me if I do.