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Born of Silence (The League, #5)

Born of Silence - Sherrilyn Kenyon I thought Acheron had it bad.

I liked Darling. I liked Zarya. I just didn’t like when they were together.
What? I already know I’m heartless when it comes to the romantic aspects of a book. I did “aww” over a few parts between them though.

Maris was great. Anyone with a friend like that is beyond lucky. And the fact that the rest of the Sentella gang were featured prominently instead of being lightly mentioned drove home the fact that Darling had an even bigger family even if they aren’t blood relatives.

I guess what bothered me about this book, enough so that I didn’t give it 5 stars, was the repetitiveness about Darling’s torture. OMG, we get it; you were tortured and beaten but you had the will to survive it all. And then the fact that he kept throwing it in Zarya’s face made me mad. What else do you want from her?

I loved the end when helmets were removed. I can’t wait to see what happens with that.