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Marked (Eternal Guardians)

Marked - Elisabeth Naughton

I liked the possible story lines that came out of this book more than I liked the story of Theron and Casey. I thought Theron was an ass in the beginning when the only thing he thought of when he was with Casey was getting in her pants. The man doesn't know what Star Wars is and that is just wrong. And the fact that Casey brought him home with her was ridiculous. Sorry, but I would have called the cops and then gotten the hell out of there when I heard the sirens coming. Nick was creepy as well.
Why is it that these guys think keeping stuff from people is going to make things safer for them? Look at what happened to Dana. Ha! You thought I spoiled something for you but you have to read the book to understand what I'm talking about.
Things started to get interesting once there were scenes in Argolea. I found the side characters intriguing and sort of looked forward to reading the books that follow in the series. Maybe the next few books have all the kinks ironed out.