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Beauty Awakened

Beauty Awakened - Gena Showalter

So basically, this was an episode of Touched By An Angel. But on Showtime instead of the regular network channels.
Hello Axel! I don't remember you from the first book, but I will remember you for-evah!

I read the reviews for this before I started reading and people didn't like it as much as they thought they would. So naturally, I started reading thinking this was going to be a pain to read and I was only reading just so I could stay up to date with what was happening with everything. Now that I'm finished, I'm a tiny bit baffled as to why the people that didn't like it, didn't like it that much. Meh, whatever. To each their own, right?

I can understand where one would think this is a more inspirational story within the rest of the other books. It was lighter and more romantic than it was smutty and sexy. There were more rainbows and dancing unicorns mixed in. But maybe that was the point for Koldo's book. Maybe he's just that way. Maybe he secretly has a collection of My Little Pony in his cloud and Gena wanted us all to see that. I even thought the new guy, Clerici, might be a bridge into what people thought was part of the "message." But when I looked it up, Clerici is a solution that is of equal parts of thallium formate (Tl(CHO2)) and thallium malonate (Tl(C3H3O4)) in water. It is a freely flowing, odorless liquid which changes from yellowish to colorless upon decreasing the concentration of the thallium salts. So much for that assumption.

Koldo thinks he can teach Nicola how to get past the demons in her life. To bring back joy and start to live again. How is that any different than some tortured hero being redeemed by some woman he meets and finds irresistible? Is it because he's the one doing the teaching and the fact that he's an angel? Even so, in the end, he was the one that needed to follow his own advice. Hell, I was trying to project that into him half way through his book.
"Dude, seriously, let it go. Some of the stuff you were doing is bringing me down."

As far as the lack of pages and pages of smexy smuttiness, I was relieved. After a while, it all starts to sound the same. What would really impress me is if the sex scene involved people hanging upside down and knitting a sweater while doing the deed. It's possible, he is growing his wings back.