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The Darkest Seduction (Hqn)

The Darkest Seduction (Hqn) - Gena Showalter This was so much fun to read. This book is why I love this series in the first place. The interaction between William and Paris in the beginning was fun. When Sienna and Paris got back together, the story dragged a bit for me. I found that I didn’t care too much about either character, but it was good to see them together. The intervention was just wrong. Showalter tried to make it light with Anya’s speech being the only one mentioned, but it was so out of place and inconsistent. Why didn’t that happen with the other guys? I liked that Zacharel was featured quite a bit, but that was to set up the next series. I already have that book and plan to read it sooner rather than later. Then ending was great. Cronus and Rhea had that coming but not the way I expected.
This book was a nice way to end this part of the LOTU world. I hope the next series with the angels is just as fun.