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A Discovery of Witches: A Novel (All Souls Trilogy)

A Discovery of Witches - Deborah Harkness Wow! I finished the book and felt the need to take a nap.
I don’t think my brain was ready for all the history and science involved with evolution of the story line. Not that history and science are a bad thing, but wow.
There were parts that dragged in the book such as some of the explanations of the science and history of the Ashmole 782. In the end though, things come together and explain why this book is so important to Diana and Matthew.
Then there’s Diana and Matthew. They were so cuuuuute!
I know, I normally hate some of the romances in the books I’ve been reading. It always seems like everything is so rushed. But what’s a 3 week romance to witches with the ability of foresight and vampires as old as 1500 years old?
There was supposed to be this major cliffhanger at the end of the book. Knowing that, I was ready for something that made me want to read the second book right away. I got to the end and was let down. They told you what Diana and Matthew were going to do, so how is the fact that they did it a major cliffhanger?