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Deeper Than Midnight (The Midnight Breed, Book 9)

Deeper Than Midnight - Lara Adrian From now on, I refuse to get invested in any characters.
I don’t care if they’re the silent type with a troubled background. It doesn’t matter if they’re super cool with the kick ass moves and get the great one-liners.
I just can’t do it anymore because I’m always let down when they become the star of the show for 300 plus pages.
I really liked how the storyline with Dragos is progressing. I thought the plot to have Dragos try to control top levels of the government was so ridiculous it was great! Leave it to the bad guys to get swelled heads and think they can do anything.
I even enjoyed watching Chase spiral downhill. He’s always been one to buck the system. Come on, he left The Agency to join The Order. Should Lucan and the rest of the guys really be surprised at the way he’s acting? Chase is right and the rest of the world doesn’t know what the hell they’re doing.

I understand that the next short story and the next full book wrap up this overall storyline.
I’ve invested this much energy in keeping up with it, so I can’t wait to see how it all ends.