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Lover Reborn (Black Dagger Brotherhood)

Lover Reborn - J.R Ward I have a love hate relationship with the Brothers and maybe with Ward herself.

I love how everything comes together in the end and helps to make sense of what happened 500 pages ago. I hate getting through the 500 pages.
(paraphrasing) "...that shit's epic."
Who over the age of 30 says that? When Wrath said that in the hospital I wanted to throw up a little in my mouth. Come on! On one hand he's the king and he can say whatever he wants to say. On the other hand, how am I as a reader supposed to take him seriously?
This is the point where I tell myself to simmer down because this is FICTION.

Chapter 63 is the best chapter. Good for you Tohr!
The next book is about Qhuinn and Blay. Honestly, I could care less about those two. There's been too much 'will they, won't they' and I've lost my patience. I think Layla is packing based on Qhuinn's vision from the "Fade" when he was beaten up all those books ago. As I told a friend about the M/M sex scene being reduced to 2 lines, it's not enough but it's something. It beats the previous books where Ward referred to Blay and Saxon going at it.
Lassiter was stellar. What he did for Tohr and Autumn was touching. Even my cynical self smiled at the end and gave a mini clap.

I'm tempted to re-read this series to try and catch all the things leading up to this point.
Don't get me wrong by my review, I love this series. Maybe that's why I get cranky when I read one of the books.