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Date Me, Baby, One More Time (Immortally Sexy, Book 1)

Date Me, Baby, One More Time - Stephanie Rowe This was funny and a quick read.
There was so much about this book that had me rolling my eyes in a way that said, “Seriously?”
The heroine is a Guardian in charge of keeping the cup of everlasting life, but it’s actually and espresso machine. The hero is this guy that has a curse over him and his other male family members and he happens to be a pretzel tycoon.
There were times while reading that I thought I missed some of the back story behind the heroine and why she was a Guardian in the first place. Then there was reference to the hero’s ancestor Carl that made me think there was a backstory out there that I failed to read before reading this book.
Things came together in the end and stuff started to make sense.
Satan was the best part of the book. He was so over the top that you almost had to like him.
The best line of the book: “I spit on my velvet soft sperm factory that created him.”