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Once Burned (Night Prince, Book 1)

Once Burned - Jeaniene Frost Why is it when women get kidnapped in these stories that they get a closet full of evening wear to dress up in for dinner? Someone kidnap me so I can dress up for dinner.
It was interesting to have Bones, Cat, Kira and Man-cherries show up for a moment in the book. I still don't know what's up with Man-cherries. His book annoyed me so much I forgot what was wrong with him. Thanks to Bones I will never listen to Culture Club again.
This is a lot better than Spade and Man-cherries' books. As long as you go in knowing you need to know what happens in the other books, then following along when Frost mentions things like Leila being in the same room as Cat when she came there depressed means.
I could have done without Leila's sister and father being in the story. Gretchen was annoying. Why do I get the feeling that the dad is going to come up in some later book about Cat and Bones that's going to make everything come full circle?
This is why I have to keep reading the series and the spin-offs because I never know how things are going to relate to one another.