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Shadowland (The Mediator, Book 1)

Shadowland - Meg Cabot I don't normally like YA books because I can't get into the mindset of a teenager anymore.
This teenager was different. I swear she's a 30 year old in the mind of a 16 year old.
I laughed while reading this. The lines the author gave Suze, the mediator, were funny. Who tells her fellow classmate she's going to break her fingers after school during her first two days of school?
I guess the author wanted to portray Suze as a confident teenager trying to adapt to her new environment because all of the years she's spent dealing with ghosts who are trying to adapte to the fact that they are in a new environment now that they're dead.
OMG! Did that possible run-on sentence sound like I'm trying to write a term paper about this book?

This series sounds like it could be fun to keep up with.