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Immortal Rider (Lords of Deliverance 2)

Immortal Rider - Larissa Ione I skipped all the lovie-dovie stuff. I didn't care about Limos and Arik. In fact, I forgot they were attracted to one another from the first book. The only reason Arik had me LAUGHING was when he called Limos by famous horse names. Flicka! Secretariat!
I rolled my eyes when they figured out how to remove the chastity belt over a TECHNICALITY! Why do I see Satan coming back later and saying "Oh hell no!"
I was more interested in the overall storyline. Pesty is being a punk. And what a little cry baby!
WAAA! Mommy, my plan didn't work. *pout, pout, stomp* Why? *pout* Oh well, I'll just sit back and get a blow job from your orgy people!
And how long before the rest of the Horsemen figure out what will break Than's seal? Poor guy. I'd be beyond pissed off if I were him.
If I had the next book with me, I'd start it right now.