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Magic Burns (Kate Daniels, Book 2)

Magic Burns - Ilona Andrews Episode 2: Magic Burns. It burns hard.

It's Saturday afternoon again and my new story's coming on. This time, I'm ready for it to show and I have snacks.
I'm so disappointed in Crest. I was ready to make t-shirts and bags saying Team Crest, but nooooo. He had to go chicken shit and not face anyone. Instead he sends his fiance to ask for permission. Bleh. I'm done with him. Besides, there's a new guy named Bran that sounds like fun.
I was smacked up side the head just like Kate when Andrea and Aunt B were talking to her about Curran and the soup. I didn't catch that at all and I remember the big deal he made in the first book about Derek and the sandwich.
I'm glad Julie made it and got to see Red for the color he truly is. But like I didn't see that one coming.
I was sad at what happened to Bran in the end. Even though he foreshadowed what would happen to him, it was still sad to read.
No one else stood out that much to comment about, so I end it here.
I'm still warming up to this series but I'm anxious to get to the next story to continue the ride.