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The Darkest Secret (Hqn)

The Darkest Secret - Gena Showalter I didn't like Amun's story like I thought I would. I found myself skimming over the parts with him and Hailee. Especially the steamy scenes. Unless they are levitating upside-down and knitting a sweater, all the steamy scenes are starting to sound the same.
It's been a while since I read the previous book, so the continuity for me was lost. I read this as just the next book and that may have been my problem.
I loved all the parts with Strider in them. In fact, while reading Amun's parts, I was wishing it would switch to a scene with Strider.
The crank call to Maddox is classic!
I think I know why William didn't want to come and help at the end and I wonder if that's going to be a problem in the future. Card games always have a way of messing things up for people.
I'm looking forward to the next book. Strider and Kaia are going to be fun!