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Atlantis Awakening (Warriors of Poseidon, Book 2)

Atlantis Awakening - Alyssa Day I'm beginning to see that romance novels are not my thing. I read this because this series has been on my shelves forever and it was about time I read it. I bought it for a reason, right?
If I take out all the romance and sex stuff in the story, this book gets a 4 from me. But it was there, so I have to knock it back down to a 3.

The humor is great. There are a lot of funny characters. I was scared Ven was going to lose his personality after finding Erin. He didn't lose it, but he turned into a caveman instead. Seriously? "You can't go because I said so? Unga Bunga! Stay behind me so I can protect you with my piece of metal and the menacing snarl I hold while I say eye rolling one liners."
Bitch. Please.
Ven, what you really need to do is get behind Erin because she's a witch and can melt vampires. So what if she's drained of power after she turns the microwave on high and needs a day to recover. Big woop. Her power still trumps your sword.

Now lets talk about the big twist/reveal at the end of the book.
Oh come on, right? You all have been around for half a century and didn't see the family resemblance? I have never understood how that is possible when it happens. I want to hear his story and get some details. And why is it the bad guys that are the only ones to see that bad mouthing relatives that didn't know you were their relatives is a rouse to get you NOT to kill said relatives?

As much as I seem to be having issues with aspects of this storyline, I'm having fun reading it. I want to see what happens next and there's just enough intrigue for me to continue reading.