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Thorn Queen (Dark Swan, Book 2)

Thorn Queen (Dark Swan, Book 2) - Richelle Mead I liked this but I forgot why I did.
Kiyo was an ass. There's something up with him and I was glad to see him go towards the end. He's going to be back, but for now he's out of the picture. Good! Happy Be Gone Kiyo!
Something's up with Dorian because he clearly seems only out for himself. Whatever. I like him better than Kiyo so he could kill someone and I could care less. Oh wait, he did kill someone. Meh. I would have done the same thing.
Art, Abigail and Leith are punks. Happy Be Gone to them too.
Eugenie, well, I haven't figured out what to think of her. I'm kind of neutral with her.

I had a strange sense of Jedi powers revelation deja vu when Ysabel and Eugenie were together. That's all I'm saying about that because I think Empire Strikes Back was on in the background when I was reading.

I'm ready to start the third book. Why did I wait so long to read these?