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Storm Born (Dark Swan, Book 1)

Storm Born - Richelle Mead I really liked this and I'm not sure I can say precisely why I did.
It could be that I read this immediately after Vampire Academy and I had a hard time getting through that book? Possibly.
A lot happened to keep me going to the end where I didn't feel like I was bored with the storyline. I never catch on to the aspect of love triangles. I liked both Kiyo and Dorian and could have cared less who she chose. I just knew there would be ramifications of choosing one over the other and she would have to deal with it later. Hey wait a second. Did I just foreshadow?

Anyway, one gripe I did have about this book was Jasmine. Really? Is she going to come back later as a psycho little half sister who's bitter and Eugenie will just kick her ass like she did the shoe in the beginning?