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Into the Shadow (Darkness Chosen, Book 3)

Into The Shadow - Christina Dodd This was definitely better than the first two. I liked Karen a lot more than the first two women. The side story with Karen, Jackson and Phil was the best part of the book. When it came to Karen and Warlord/Adrik/Rick, I found myself bored with them. I wanted to get back to just Karen.
Jackson coming into the story at the end was choppy. It was rushed as if he all the sudden appeared and was on Karen's side. And how did he find her so quickly.
At the end in the house, the one thing that made me mad was the gloss over about Dika. Karen just happened to forget the Rom helped her and mentioned Zorana's name? I would have remember that. Especially the name Zorana and would have asked questions about that. I hope the next book addresses that and maybe the family will be aware that there are others out there that are there to help them bring down the Varinskis even if it's for different reasons.