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Into The Flame (Dark Chosen #4)

Into the Flame - Christina Dodd This book ended the story very well. It had it's moments and then it had its moments.
Some things wrapped up too conveniently for me to fathom giving this more than 3 stars. Actually, I should only give it 2.5 stars just for that.
Did Firebird come up with the conclusion she found the lost brother somewhere in the first 3 books? She must have because of all the Varinski, I would have never thought it would be4 him. And if that's the case, shouldn't she have known from the BEGINNING that he was one of them because he, oh, I don't know, LOOKED LIKE THE REST OF THEM? Oiy!
The best part about this last book was Alexsandr. 3 year olds are a hoot.