Reaver - Larissa Ione

Raphael took all the wind out of my sail. I was too preoccupied with his weenie punk ass that I didn't focus on Reaver and Harvester. I was just hoping those two would stick it to Raph. And what a total weenie he was at the end! How is he an Archangel anyway?
I can never remember what any of these characters are like from the previous books. I just go into reading the rest of series knowing that something I read is going to remind me of what happened before. 
And why is it that the side characters can be so much more interesting than the main characters? I think, for me at least, since I'm reading the main character's book, there's a pretty good chance that they get their HEA. I mean, it's not like the two aren't going to get together and then one of them will die. That would be so messed up if that happens. And what would be worse is if one of them did die and then came back as a smug ghost. I know, right? Seriously.Messed.Up.

Having said all that....
Tavin: Let me guess; He's going to have something to do with Revenant and the snake on his neck will be explained.
Metatron: I guess were going to see Metatron in the next book as well. YAY! I hope he gives more "you're a dumbass" looks to people.
Eidolon, Shade and Wraith: Who wouldn't want to see that?

Does anyone know if Revenant's book is the last of arc/storyline?