Storm Front - Jim Butcher
I really hate when I become impatient with a book to the point where I sound like a petulant brat.
"I'm bored."
"OMG, this is soooo boring."
"Why does everyone like this? HOW could anyone like this?"
and so on and so on.
Or at least until I got to the part where Harry runs out of the house naked. Okay, he was trying to get away from a demon troll that was trying to kill him. Naked is naked and of course I perked up after that.
But as I continued to read, I realized that I'm just not into Harry. I tried, but I finished the book to see who was behind all of it. I could have guessed who it was from the beginning because it just made sense. 
I did like when Harry interacted with other people. So that's something!
This isn't a bad book. I just didn't love it like everyone else.