Going, Going, Ganache - Jenn McKinlay

She's going to put Martinez in as a love interest now? I didn't see that coming because I thought Mel and Joe had a good thing going. And for some of Mel's circle to encourage the Martinez angle has thrown me for a loop. That phone call at the end was evil! Especially since I wasn't planning on reading the next book right away. Now I have to read Sugar and Iced just to satisfy my own curiosity.
And then to top it all of, Olivia comes in with some sound advice for Mel that has left me not knowing what to think.

The mystery was well crafted. I didn't figure it out until Mel did even though I thought I knew who did it based on the conversations in the bakery.

Tate, Tate, TATE! I wanted to smack him until he finally went to his parents house and his mother shared her back story with his father. You go man!