Needled to Death (Knitting Mystery Series #2) by Maggie Sefton -

I just wanted to finish this book and get it over with. There were a couple of chapters towards the end that felt like I was reading with marbles in my mouth. Too much unnecessary language that distracted from the point of the story which was to figure out what happened to Vicki and Debbie.


Characters were introduced but then things were left hanging. I still don't know why Eva Bartok had to be mentioned even if she had something to do with the evidence left at the scene of the crime.


Kelly needs a serious caffeine intervention. The way she drinks coffee, refers to coffee, and her friends jokes about what she's like when she doesn't have caffeine aren't funny anymore.


Kelly's relationship with Steve is moving at such a snails pace that I don't care if the two get together or not. 


I don't know what to do about this series. Should I hold on to it so I can see if Kelly whines about something else? Or should I just give up now and save my time for better things?