If Mashed Potatoes Could Dance - Paige Shelton

Just like the last book, you get two mysteries for the price of one. 

This book started off slow. I'm still trying to warm up to Betts and Gram. They both seem so, so, yeah okay, nice to meet you but I'm going for another drink.

The addition of Sally and what happened to her diary was fun. Sally was a cute character but she was kind of pushy. Betts didn't help matters much because she kept putting Sally off. Then Betts made a point with her internal dialog to remind us that she keeps her promises and doesn't like to let people down. Um, Betts? Sally is practically handing you a solution to her diary problem. I think you need to pay attention.

Which then leads to the other mystery of the tourists, the murder and then the missing tourists. I figured out one part of that mystery as soon as it happened, but when the explanation of the murder and the why of it were explained, I was left with a "huh"?


SAM BRION! Nice cameo!!!