Before Midnight - Jennifer Blackstream

Cute retelling of Cinderella with werewolves.

The beginning is interesting because it tells a story I didn't quite get at first, but by the epilogue figure out that it's setting things up for an overall story. If that made any sense, congratulations! :P

Loupe was tame but was super cute when she was with the wolf puppies. By the end of the story she grows a pair and becomes a stronger person. 

Etienne was very likable. He has a curse and he needs to find the right female to cure him. Isn't that always the case though? His parents are really cool though! I like how he one upped the evil stepmother with the deal he made with one of the step sisters. I'm curious if that's going to come back and help or hinder him. 

The evil stepmother and her family were more of a surface threat, but I would have wanted to know a little more about them.

I'm curious to read about the other four princes and to see how the tree plays a part in all of this.