Vampire Mine - Kerrelyn Sparks

I've lost touch with the characters in this series. The story was cute, but I didn't feel like I really got into it as I should. Definitely not one of my favorites in this series. 

Marielle hanging out with the other ladies was fun to watch.  It was also cute watching her acclimate to being human. Who knew zippers were so fascinating? Her overall connection to the vampires was interesting. Did the Angels know from the beginning she would play such a part in their story or did they just let it all play out. I think they knew, but my head hurts when I think about it.

What really bothered me about this specific story was Connor. He took his personal berating too far. But see, this is the problem I have with series favorites getting their own book. Once they get a books, I tend to find that I don't like them anymore. I almost wish they kept their secrets, their pain and anguish and any other personal demons they are harboring to themselves. 


The ending left me shaking my head a bit. Again, it's been a while since I've read Sparks, so I'm tying to remember her style and why I ate up the first 9 books. But anyway, back to the ending. It just ended with a pretty bow. What?

The Angels saved the day. The Demon looked like he was in on the plan in the first place which made no sense to me. What? Again, my head hurts.


Casmir? Corky? What now?


Okay, I really need to get back on track.