The Darkest Craving - Gena Showalter

Well this was a surprise. I didn't expect to like the book based on the my reaction to the last two books. But then again, I don't remember the specifics of the last two books. 


I never gave Kane much thought because he was always being left behind. I guess that was a good thing for me because he had more of a backbone than I was expecting. I found myself saying "You go Kane!" quite a few times. And just as many times did I say that, I was also saying "Oh come on!" I will say that I got a good chuckle out of his butterfly placement.  "And his... his... his tattoo was getting larger, because one of the butterfly's wings rode the length of his..."  


In the last episode of "What's Kimberly going to bitch about now?", I mentioned that any books about favorite characters are a big fat turn off because the character sometimes is a big let down. This is how I feel about the build up to Torin's book. I really hope that book isn't messed up. I hope Torin gets some and gets it good! Hand holding is sweet but go for the goods! In the same breath, I hope Cameo and William don't get dragged down the same way this series is going.


You know what's really sad that I just realized? I'm more concerned about the next book than I am talking about Kane and Josephina. I liked them. Their story was nice. I just wasn't into their HEA. They had some fun times getting there with the help of William and the other Lords. Meh.


To be polite, I'm just reading the series at this point just to keep up with the story line. Which has introduced us to a new enemy? What?