The Darkest Night - Gena Showalter

Apparently I don't remember a lot of what went on the first time I read this. Now that I was paying attention, this was still a lot of fun to read. As with first books, there's a lot of world building that goes on. But I'm not sure if just I took for granted that I already knew what was going on or I skipped over the fact that there were some explanations missing? Does anyone know how or why Ashlyn can hear voices? I didn't buy her desperation to meet with the Lords so they could help her. She seemed like a smart person, but some of the stuff she did was just plain dumb. Can you guess what I thought of Maddox and Ashlyn together? It was fun visiting with the Lords again. Showalter can write some really funny one liners for when it's just the men together. I was originally attracted to this series for the overall story line of the Greeks and Pandora's Box, and I still am.