The Good the Bad and the Witchy - Heather Blake

Darcy is a Wishcrafter who has the ability to grant wishes of people who ask for a wish. There's more to the wish granting and who can get a wish, etc., but that's the skinny of it. 

When Darcy discovers the dead body of a friend who is also well liked by quite a few, naturally she wants to find out what happened to her friend and who killed him.


What I'd like to know is why someone just doesn't wish to know who killed their friend. Yeah, yeah, it wouldn't be much of a book if that happened. It would also ruin trying to figure out who did it. 


The characters are great and I like reading about what else they're doing while everyone has questions about the murderer. I'm still trying to figure out who the Elder is. I don't have a clue who it is based on the way some of the characters act.