Hula Done It? - Maddy Hunter

This series makes me want to go on vacation. I wouldn't mind going with a group like the group from Iowa. And I don't like group vacations. But this group knows the importance getting to meals on time.

Nana and Tilly look like the fun ones in the group that have some sense. the rest of them seem suspect in my eyes. Maybe from the fact that the others in the group don't get as much page time as Nana and Tilly.


The mystery was okay. I wasn't really focused on it because I usually get the killer wrong and I spend too much time on trying to figure it out anyway. I wouldn't have got it right anyway because of the twist at the end. 


The blasted love triangle. What was the point of it in this story? I forgot all about Duncan from the previous book, so I certainly wasn't expecting him coming out of the water on the boat. 

What annoyed me the most about this Love Triangle was Emily's attitude towards all of it. 

Etienne made you that mad that you are willing to give Duncan a go? What the hell? 


I'm too stubborn enough to continue with the series. The vacation spots in these books are places I either have been to or really want to visit. In some cases it's cheaper to read about them than pay the damn airfare.